The main duties of agencies are:
  • Informing, advertising and marketing the services and products of the center and its subsidiary centers in global, national and local festivals and exhibitions in the country where it operates.
  • Providing the services and products of the center and its subsidiaries to the applicants in the country of operation based on the goals and description of the tasks of the center, according to the regulations and instructions of the center.
  • Introducing the investment opportunities offered by the center to international investors
  • Publishing advertisements and promoting travel to Iran in the press, media and environmental facilities of the country of operation, introducing and presenting various travel packages to Iran for the purpose of marketing directly or through contracting with local brokers with the aim of attracting and sending group tourists and Solo to Iran through Kanon
  • Providing services and implementing programs required by the center in the country where it operates, such as conferences, seminars, cultural weeks and tourism events, festivals and related exhibitions, etc., in order to introduce the services and products of the center and attract foreign tourists and supply fine handicrafts and Other related services.
  • Cooperation in holding all kinds of cross-border rallies and the travel of tourists and passengers by private cars to Iran and vice versa, and coordinating the provision of required services, including car assistance, etc., based on the goals of the center and based on international regulations.
  • Transfer of successful experiences and new methods used in the field of tourism and motoring of the country of operation to the center through the exchange of experiences, implementation of joint programs and coordination of the dispatch of experts and expert consultants between the two countries.
  • Providing services to members and people introduced by the center in the country where it operates.
  • Obtaining representation of desired activities and services and products in coordination and in the name of the center, from reputable companies in the country of operation for use in Iran by the center (international third party insurance, car rental, etc.)
  • Cooperate in providing content for the section related to the country where you operate in the comprehensive Iranian tourism portal at www.visitiran.ir through studying, identifying and collecting information analysis with the priority of examining the interests and preferences of the people of the country where you operate in the field of travel, considering Motivating factors and their desired incentives and promoting the use of the mentioned portal among interested people and the target community.
  • Carrying out any other activity that is directly or indirectly related to the objectives and duties of the center with the coordination and permission of the secretariat of the center's foreign offices.