With the cooperation and coordination of the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran Tourism and Motoring Center in Italy, the news of Iran’s presence at the TTG exhibition in Rimini, Italy, was published on the trend website of this country.

The TTG exhibition was held from October 19 to 21, 1402 for three days in the city of Rimini, Italy. This exhibition is the most important B2B exhibition in Italy.

Reflecting this news, this prestigious Italian news site has considered Iran’s presence at the TTG exhibition as a new chapter in the tourism relations between Iran and Italy.

In a part of this news, the words of Dr. Mohammad Hossein Sufi, the CEO of the Center for Tourism and Automobile Racing, are mentioned with this theme: Ancient Iran and current Iran have a long history in the development of Eastern and Western civilizations. And even today, due to its hypnotic appeal and diverse climate that stretches from the Persian Gulf in the south to the Caspian Sea in the north, this unique destination attracts foreign tourists with numerous natural, cultural, historical and religious attractions. .

In another part of this news, it is stated: In terms of tourist attractions, Iran has 27 of the most significant historical attractions registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List and 54 caravanserais. By visiting these sites, you can see how the greatness and elegance of this ancient civilization has been realized in the form of magnificent buildings, each of which represents its own artistic, architectural and historical characteristics.

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